A letter from Paul Onu, Chief Executive Officer

When I was introduced to e-commerce, I wasn’t quite sure. I didn’t get how I could stay home, order something online, and it will get to my destination in one piece. I had so many doubts about it, but I decided to try. I didn’t want to be the millennial scared of taking chances in our digital age.

My first order online was seamless. I was working in a bank, and I ordered a wristwatch, the order got to my bank the next day, and the packaging was excellent. However, when I opened the package, which was beautifully arranged, I found out that the wristwatch wasn’t working. This was the beginning of my issues with shopping online.

My most recent experience was ordering food online. The restaurant was a 20 minutes’ walk from my house, but I was so hungry to go anywhere, so I placed my order online. I was told my food would be delivered in 30 minutes. 2 hours, 30 minutes later, there was no food or delivery person in sight, and after almost 3 hours, my phone rang. It was the delivery guy breathing in short pants. According to him, his delivery bike had issues, that’s why my food came almost 3 hours late!

If the story above sounds familiar, I know you must be on the lookout for the best way to end this mess so your clients can trust you again.

Delivering your products shouldn’t be that hard. You should be able to pick up your order or order a dispatch driver from an app, and your clients should give you a 100% rating, especially for prompt delivery. It would help if you didn’t keep on losing customers because you can’t give them the seamless delivery they deserve.

With DeliverNow, you can be assured of first-rate delivery and the best customer service experience. DeliverNow works with businesses to provide a permanent solution to the logistics problems facing the African business space by providing peace of mind to business owners and their consumers.

By making use of our efficient mobile app, customers can have their goods delivered to them in good shape.

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