How it works


a. Onboarding

b. Registration of your riders.

c. Recruit your Sales Agents (optional)

d. Vehicle setup

e. Pricing setup

f. Order management

g. Revenue reporting

Partner onboarding

Partners will do self-registration via the portal –
The partner should upload the following documents for his application to be approved.
CAC certificate for corporate partners.
Partner ID card (Government approved)
A passport photograph of the partner (or director for corporates)
Partner registration requires admin’s approval.

Register your Riders

Riders cannot do self-registration. They can only be set up by their employers (Partners).
However, a partner that chooses to ride his own vehicle would have to register himself first as a Partner, then a rider.

The following documents would be required to register riders:

  •  Rider’s Card
  •  Rider’s ID (Government approved)
  •  Rider’s passport photograph
  •  Admin approval is NOT required to register a Rider, however, every registration will be checked and flagged if any issues.
Recruit and set up your Sales Agents

If you want more traffic, Sales Agent recruitment is a good way to drive growth.
It is an affiliate marketing scheme whereby you pay the Sales Agents x% (e.g. 20%, this can be agreed offline) per customer they recruit for you.

  • Full Name
  • Upload his ID (government approved)
  • Upload his passport photograph.
  • Generate his Sales Agent Code
  • Share the Sales Agent Code with him/her.
  • For every customer he/she gets, the customer should input the Code while making a booking request (this process is done one-off per customer).
  • Pull your reports and the Sales Agent’s code will be attached to respective Customers’ orders.
  • This makes reconciliation and remuneration of the Sales Agents (according to your offline agreement with them) simple and efficient.
  • Admin approval is NOT required to register a Sales Agent.
Vehicle setup

Set up your vehicle on the platform.
Vehicle type

The following vehicle types are covered.

  • MOTORBIKE – Last-mile delivery
  •  CARS -Intra and Inter-state delivery
  •  BUSES –  Intra and Inter-state delivery
  •  TRUCKS – Heavy load, long and short haulage services
Pricing setup
  • Vehicle type: e.g. MOTORBIKE (select the vehicle you want this price for)
  •  Base Distance:  X (KM) (set a minimum fixed distance per delivery, distances lower than this are approximated to it)
  •  Base Rate:  Y (NGN) (set amount charged for the Base Distance)
  •  Rate per KM:  Z (NGN) (set amount charged for every further KM beyond the Base Distance)
Order management

View and manage all your Order bookings from your customers.

Revenue reporting

DeliverNow boasts of a simple, yet robust reporting module.

2. Customer order booking
  • Download our mobile app (Android or iOS)
  • Search from a list of hand-picked riders.
  • Place your order – set your pickup and dropoff locations and contacts.
  • Pay via the app
  • Your parcel will be delivered accordingly.
2. Order delivery by Rider
  • A booking request lands on the delivery partner’s Rider app.
  • Rider picks up the order.
  • Rider engages the pickup and dropoff contacts.
  • Rider delivers the parcel.
  • Rider confirms the delivery on the app (this is very important as it triggers the payment to the delivery partner).